The history of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is indeed a popular sport, but not many people have sufficiently big knowledge about its history.

Bodybuilding is a sport whose origins date back to the second half of the nineteenth century and are related to training athletes and wrestlers. Researchers sports history as the forerunner of the discipline recognize Eugen Sandow. This German strongman, who in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, performed in circus shows in many European countries. But it took some time before bodybuilding became an official sport. Very important role was played by brothers Ben and Joe Weider, who in 1946 formed the International Federation of Bodybuilding and fitness. Since 1970 bodybuilding struggle may participate as a woman. Among the most prestigious professions belong to replace Mr. Olympia and Ms. Olympia. The first one has been organized since 1965 and take part in them by men, and the second held since 1980 and are designed for women.


It is much easier while stating the names of the top bodybuilders. Certainly, every person could list here at least Arnold Schwarzenegger, who in addition to numerous film roles is also known for the success that he achieved during bodybuilding career. Persons interested in expanding their knowledge of the history of bodybuilding can do so first of all by reaching for the relevant literature.